Price From £250.00


  • 8 Channel
  • 12 Band
  • Premium (15dB) Intelligent Noise Reduction
  • Automatic Feedback Suppression
  • Premium Wind Noise Manager 
  • Premium Loud Sound Block
  • 4 Programmes
  • Push Button Program / Volume Control
  • Low Power warning

The Q8 is a rechargeable, discreet ITE hearing aid that is comfortable to wear. It has up to 15dB of multi-channel, frequency noise reduction to give greater clarity in both quiet and noisier listening environments.

It has 4, pre-set listening programmes (General, High Frequency Compensation, Low Frequency Compensation and a Tinnitus Masker) which are accessed via the control button on the face plate. The aids intelligent function means you don't have to reset them every time you charge them and switch them back on.

The powerful accoustic feedback suppression function reduces the possibility of the aid whistling. Along with the Premium Wind Noise reduction system and Premium, Transient Noise suppression the wearer can function comfortably in all environments

The charging case will hold up to 5 full charging cycles and it's compact design makes it ideal when travelling

The Q series use digital chips with high speed DSP signal processing, intelligent noise management system and feedback processing function, providing users with comfortable and excellent clarity increasing their listenning pleasure. The smaller size helps you hear comfortably within different environments, such as a quiet home, traffic and meetings without it being too obtrusive