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  • Digital Adjustable CIC
  • Size 10A battery
  • 4 Channel
  • 8 Band
  • Standard Noise reduction
  • 1 Program
  • Advanced Feedback Cancellation
  • Advanced Noise Manager 
  • Advanced Loud Sound Block 
  • Adjustable Volume Control Dial


Invisihear T23 Digital Hearing Aid is an Instant fit, Completely-in-Canal (CIC), Hearing aid with VC adjustable settings.It's a small, almost invisible size with digital circuit for sound processing, feedback cancellation and noise reduction features. It is suitable for users with a hearing loss less than 80dBHL. With a VC dial for volume control. Preset basic program (regular setting), Clockwise to increase the volume, anti-clockwise to decrease.

How To wear Invisihear T CIC Hearing Aids?

1. Installing the Battery
The correct battery type should be selected (Size 10). Please see battery model figure as shown. If you are not sure about it, please consult an audiologist. Open the battery door gently with your fingers, use the brush's magnet to hold the battery on the positive end (flat side - A) and then insert the battery ring side down (B). You should avoid touching the battery by hand directly. Slide the brush toward the edge of the battery door (C) to separate the battery and brush, then close the battery door. Close the battery door gently after the new battery is installed. Do not close the battery door with force as it may be damaged. If you cannot close the battery door, please check if the battery is installed correctly, with the positive side up and negative side (ring side) down in the ring of the tray. The symbol "+" sign on the battery should be at the same side as the "+" on the battery door.

2. Replacing the Ear Dome
Assembly: Select the appropriate size of ear dome to fit comfortably into your ear; hold the ear dome and place it over the connector rim correctly (D) and gently push 
To judge if the ear dome is correctly assembled, please check that the bottom of the ear dome reaches the bottom of the connector or the ear dome may drop off when pulled gently.

Tips: We recommend that you choose a Medium size ear dome for the first time of wearing. If if the ear dome is too small the hearing aid will feel loose and may whistle when wearing it. Please select the larger size ear dome if this is the case.
Kindly suggest that you can put hearing aid volume lower before you wear it into ear canal, that will avoid hearing aid whistle in the ear canal.

If the ear dome feels too big, causing discomfort, please choose the smaller size.

3. Power On/Off
The battery door also functions as the on/off switch;
ON: The battery door is fully closed.
If you turn off the hearing aid, please wait at least three seconds before turning it on again.
OFF: The battery door is open.

4. How To Place the CIC Hearing Aid in the Ear?
Turn on the hearing aids before placing them in the ear.
Hold your hearing aids with your thumb and forefinger on the outer edges of the case or the pull wire on the device faceplate.
Gently insert the canal tip of the instrument into your ear canal until you feel resistance.
Use tip of your forefinger to softly move the hearing aid forward or backward to place the device in an appropriate position so as to fit it in the ear canal snugly.
To help position the hearing aids properly you can pull the outer ear backwards and upwards with the other hand.

5. Invisihear T Series Volume Control (T23)

The clockwise rotation gradually increases the sound and the anti-clockwise gradually decreases it.

6. Invisihear T Series Button Control (T25 & T27)
● The application method of button with the ordinary program switch: By pressing the program switch, program can be switched circularly among different programs. Every press is for one program switch. When the battery door is closed and the power is on, the hearing aid will automatically go to “Program 1”.
For those which have the program memory feature, hearing aids can return to the same program when turned back on.
● The application method of button with three in all function:
Short press(1 second):Cycle to change the volume: the volume drops 3dB by every press the button. When it is dropped to the lowest volume, press the button again, the volume will reach the maximum value of the setting range.
Long press(2 seconds):Cycle to switch program: Press and hold for 2 seconds to hear different program mode.
If hearing aids have program memory and continuously works for 10 minutes or more, then it is turned off. It will return to the same setting when turned back on.
Extra-long press (5 seconds):Press the program button for 5 seconds to enter the sleep mode, and the hearing aid saves power in standby mode;Press the program button again for 5 seconds to release the sleep mode and wake up the hearing aid to working status.

7. How To Remove T Series Hearing Aids?
Grasp the device with your thumb and forefinger; gently rotate it as you pull outward.
For devices with pull wire: Grasp the extraction cord and gently pull toward the back of the head to take the hearing aids out of ear.
Never use the battery door to pull the hearing aid out! Damage may occur as it is not designed to withstand the pressure of pulling.

How To Maintain your T23 CIC Hearing Aid?
When using the hearing aids, earwax may accumulate in the ear canal and around the hearing aids. Large accumulations of earwax may affect the sound quality of hearing aids, so it is important to clean the hearing aids regularly. If you feel you have a blockage of wax in the ear canal please seek professional, medical advice regarding it's removal.

●Clean and wipe your hearing aid with a dry soft cloth on a daily basis..

●Use the brush to clear the earwax in the sound outlet of the hearing aid.

When cleaning the aid it is advised to do it over a sof and securet surface (i.e.: place a soft cloth or towel on a table or tray) to avoid the hearing aid being damaged if accidentally dropped.
Never use any liquids to clean the hearing aid since it may lead to permanent damage of the circuitry.


The life expectancy of hearing aids is 3 years depending on usage and care of them
For the ear tips we would suggest replacing them every 12 months minimum (every 6 months is preferrable).
For the battery we would suggest replacing it after 60 hours of wearing. (Every 4 - 5 days if wearing all day).